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More or less an accident
I've always been the dont-believe-the-hype kind of girl. I almost never liked any music from the charts or books from top ten lists.
And even with niched indie stuff, I still was very picky and hard to please.
To top it all, I can't switch off my analytical mind when it comes to art, music or literature.
So how on earth could I ever fall for something so darn popular, driving teenage girls all around the globe completely bananas?!?

1. I was out of reading matter for my daily train ride one morning at the station, willing to grab the next best thing
2. Due to the movie release there was a cheap paperback available
3. Curiosity combined with smugly scepticism (let's see what all the hype is about)

All the right buttons
At first I found all my prejudices confirmed. There was not much of a sublime style in Stephenie Meyer's writing in my honest opinion.
But holy shit, it took her merely 30 pages or so to make me dig my nails into it. After all she knows how to tell a story, but above she pushed all the right buttons in me (analytical mind? Overridden!) I drifted into a very pleasant and extremly romantic mood (which didn't cease for a long time) and really felt like a teenager again while reading.
Neither when I actually WAS a teenage girl back then nor later on, did I ever go crazy for anything - movie or book - supposed to be my generation's "romeo and juliet" ersatz. But I can say that TWILIGHT is the book/movie I would have needed when I was 16. I can't imagine what it would have done to me then, as it even gives me butterflies now that I'm an adult. Well done, Mrs. Meyer - you made me drop all those lame excuses I had for not going into the studio again and put some music on tape.

Is there something wrong with me?
I guess most (if not all) young female twilighters would identify with Bella.
Oddly enough, from the very beginning I was in Edward's skin. Weird, isn't it?
I really wished she would finish MIDNIIGHT SUN...

Some links

Books: There are four of them. 1. Twilight 2. New Moon 3. Eclipse and 4. Breaking Dawn
Again Stephenie Meyer's Website is the most genuine source on the web to learn about the books.
Of course you can google TWILIGHT and shiver in awe.
But I'd rather recommend to just read the books...

Movie: The first volume TWILIGHT has made it to the screen (the sequel NEW MOON is in the making). For me, the best thing about the movie is the cast: except one (Rosalie) they all look exactly like they looked in my mind when reading.

Check out the official site of Twilight The Movie. For daily updates on FULL MOON go to the Twilight News Blog a.k.a. (see their banner below).

Actor Robert Pattinson (leading role) is worth remarking as a singer, too. His rendition of "Let me sign" (Twilight soundtrack) is heartbreaking! You can listen to it at the Robert Pattinson Music Archive, along with some other recordings which unfortunately are rather chaotic in my opinion.

Fansites: I'm starting a list of fan-sites here that I like personally. If you want to have your link here with me,
just introduce yourself in my guestbook or leave a note in my mailbox. As this is just a small area, I'll choose links carefully. Don't be offended in case you're not chosen. Thanks.

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