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What this is about...
A song for and inspired by the upcoming movie "New Moon" a.k.a. the sequel of TWILIGHT,
I really think it should be on the soundtrack,
but that's just in my world, of course. Anyway:
Play it, download it, spread the word!

Please do also check the brief song history, the lyrics and - if you like a good laugh - my hilarious story "What happened to me and Robert Pattinson at the Oscars 2010 and afterwards..." (see below) Enjoy!

play song

download song

Twifans: Feel free to put the song on or link it to your twilight-fansite, if you like it. Just IF you do so, really PLEASE notify me. Thanks.
+++ "...wonderful song about Jacob..." (twilight-movie.org) +++ "...love your song!" (team jacob official/usa) +++ "...really great! music and melody make me think of Jacob immediately" (shirin, hamburg/germany) +++ "loved the song, should totally be in new moon" (that guy with the headphones) +++ "do i think betti should apply for the new moon soundtrack? Yes, I do!" (rachel, michigan/usa) +++ "good song, kinda magic. reminds me of old indian tribes, perfect for the quileute" (yalda, taylor lautner germany) +++ "your song is getting better and better the longer i listen" (claudia, hamburg/germany) +++
Unlikely - but:
If you have no idea of TWILIGHT at all,
here's a link to the author's website
to start with:
Have fun with What happened to me and ROBERT PATTINSON at the Oscars 2010 and afterwards...

How and why I got into TWILIGHT
against all odds!
Plus: infos and links
Read the song
lyrics and history of "One Wolf" HERE

ABOVE: "One Wolf" animated (kind of). Handmade, pic by pic...

ABOVE: "One Wolf" LIVE! A fan took this clip during a show I did on April 25th.

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