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Brief History
The song was originally written by me some years ago (i.e. long before there even was a TWILIGHT novel at all).
The title then was "The Dreaming Dog" (instead of a wolf) but it already had this tribal touch in its music.
The lyrics were almost the same as they are now, apart from a part in the middle where it turned to a anti-animal-testing message... sort of.
I always wanted to re-record it because after a while, I didn't like that protest song slice any more. And actually before even knowing about TWILIGHT I had decided to replace the dog with a wolf and re-write the middle part to make it a kind of very romantic beauty-and-beast story.
When I finally got drawn into the TWILIGHT universe, it was while reading the second book NEW MOON that the strong reference of "One Wolf" occured to me. I really had to change just a few words to make it fit. And since the books had put me in such a hyper-romantic mood, I felt it was now or never to record the song again.

The "Cover"
This is just for the fun of it. And before you ask: yes, that is my cullenized self on that picture.
My good friend photoshop and me worked out a nice vegetarian-vampire makeover for my face.
My teeth look quite scary, don't they?

One Wolf (Jacob's Song) Lyrics

music and lyrics © by Betti Gefecht
all instruments and vocals performed by Betti Gefecht
produced by Freimann
recorded at F.M.B. studio

one wolf is dreaming
like only wolves dream
one wolf is dreaming
hunting over the land
nose down low on the sand
reading the tastes
thirsty for the moon in the waters

one wolf is dreaming
as are his brothers and sisters
all the pack is dreaming
like one mind they would follow the trail
sense the beauty from behind the veil
her human sweetness, fragile and frail

the one's mind is with the pack as ever
but not his heart that is lost, that is captured

On and on
he would wonder why he can't have her
this devotion will remain for ever
the wind sighs her name, whispering
from the trees
without cease
so wistful that it's hard to breathe

one wolf is dreaming
desireful visions
one wolf is dreaming
chasing the one thing that cannot be found
nose down low on the ground
he's reading the tastes
still thirsty for the moon in the waters

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© 2008 by Betti Gefecht