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Preface: A friend of mine (she's also a twilight addict I might say) who knew about me recording the song was nicely joking in one email, that I would be nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards 2010.
I unintentionally got very responsive to that joke in my reply and made up the story below - we laughed our asses off.
I know it might be only half as funny to anyone else... but here it is. Enjoy:

What happened to me and Robert Pattinson
at the Oscars 2010 and afterwards...

"...and the oscar for Best Original Song goes to (_dramatical pause_)
Betti Gefecht for 'One Wolf' from 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon'!"

Yeah... sure!

In my acceptance speech I explicitly thank my husband Freimann
who unfortunately had to stay home in Germany.

At the Vanity Fair aftershow party I am supposed to share a table with Madonna,
but she is pissed off because she isn't on the New Moon soundtrack
and would actually blame me to have bowled her out.
Aware of the impending bitch alert, the organizers quickly redispose
and motion me to a seat next to Robert Pattinson
who is having a ball with my german accent
and suddenly developes a partiality for older women.
With a wry smile I wave my wedding ring hand before him,
but the naughty boy kind of takes that as just a another spur, it seems.

I extend my stay in L.A. in order to record a duet with Rob,
a song he wrote the night after the Oscars in a rage of enthusiasm.
A guy from Summit Entertainment happens to come around
and is immediately intrigued by the special chemistry between Robert and me.
To my surprise I am offered a guest role in Eclipse.

During our four shared days of shooting
Robert keeps staying by my side like glued to me
and has even learned a few german sentences.
On my last day on set my husband tells me on the phone
to stop making such a fuss, and if in his case there was - let's say: Eva Mendez -
and she was willing, he would definitely lay her.

Robert turns out to be a fairly lousy lover
but he says that my cellulite is cute and considerably less noticable than his mom's.
While I'm having a smoke, he plays guitar.
Then we do it again.
I find him quite teachable and start to regret
that I will have to leave so soon.
Robert promises to come when the movie will premiere in Germany,
we exchange mobile numbers.
He wants me to visit him in London once to meet his dog Patty.

Meanwhile the New Moon soundtrack went platinum.
I decide to yet attend the ceremony before I finally leave.
Robert is piqued by his management for making him walk the red carpet
with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner so that
I'm walking about 20 meters behind him accompanied by
music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas who, proud of "her discovery",
has linked arms with me.
I've had a two-hour-makeover applied to me by professionals
so I'm feeling extremely glamourous (...could well get used to that).
Unfortunately I'll have to return the Stewart Weitzman diamond necklace,
but may keep the Louboutins.
At least.

My flight back to Germany is early next morning.
Back home there's a package already waiting for me:
My Academy Award, now with my name engraved.
On my mobile there's a text message from Rob.
I'll read it later.
Got so much to do in the recording studio...

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© 2008 by Betti Gefecht